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Below you will find our Master Card List. If after entering your card number in our "search our site" box you cannot find your card, then scan our Master Card List for it. When you locate it, click on the number to be forwarded to a page containing a picture of the card (for verification purposes) and the ability to purchase one or more boxes of time cards.  The "timecardsuperstore.com" watermark on all displayed images will not be printed on the cards you order, as this watermark is simply applied for advertising and copyright protection.  If you do not find your card below, then click here to view a cross reference of other manufacturers.


Cost ...

Mechanical time cards are $38.00 per box of 1000.   Computerized time cards are $85.00 per box of 2000.


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You will be using the PayPal facility to purchase your cards, however, you are not required to use PayPal for payment.  You may use your credit card.  Just follow the instructions on the PayPal page.



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